Rodrigo Alejandro Cerecedo Cabrera RaC2, originally from Mexico City, is currently goalkeeper for Pumas in Liga MX.

Vocation is something you are born with, and this was what happened with Rodrigo and football soccer. He was in contact with football soccer since he was a  kid, first on television and later on the field. Football soccer was never a simple hobby for Cerecedo, he always knew it was something more.

If it's not as goalkeeper, I do not play.



Since the beginning of his career, he liked being a goalkeeper. His dad told him to be a striker, since he was left-handed and could hit the ball very well; however, he knew what he wanted so his answer was a profound no.

When he was 11 years old, he was still on trial with the club, so he was desperate to have a fixed position in the club. One day his luck changed: he was called for a game with Pumas and he knew he wanted to continue playing with the club.