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VOIT launches Loxus. The new Official Ball of Liga MX and Ascenso MX for the Apertura 2019 Tournament.
Loxus is presented with a differentiated design maintaining all the technical characteristics and innovation of the new generation of VOIT Official Balls.


Mexico City, BBVA Tower, 9 July 2019.

Prior to starting the games of the 2019 Apertura Tournament, VOIT carries out the launch of LOXUS. Official Ball for the Opening 2019 of the LIGA MX, LIGA MX Femenil and ASCENSO MX.

In the BBVA Tower, the sports brand made a representation that revealed the concept of its new ball.

Inspired by the ancient Mayan texts - The Popol Vuh - tells the story of two warriors and the importance of the ball game - VOIT shows its new development for the ball of the next tournament, in which, it maintains the same quality, characteristics and innovation of This new generation of official soccer balls.


"Year after year we seek to show something out of the ordinary. The differentiator of this ball lies in its design and inspiration that comes from those great games, now classic, of our Mexican football. Of those encounters that are lived on the court and that represent the passion of this great sport, of that celebration; of those games that are experienced from the stands and beyond them.

We transform that phenomenon into a concept, and the concept in a ball called LOXUS "mentioned Alejandro Casimiro, Director of Marketing and Licenses of VOIT.


Added to this, Carlos Manrique, General Director of VOIT, commented:

"LOXUS shows a different and attractive image, but, at the same time, it keeps all the technological and innovation aspects developed for this new generation of official balloons: new generation external materials, high technology, new internal materials, new distribution system for energy among other characteristics that make this ball the perfect tool to improve the game "


LOXUS technology is characterized by 4 basic components:


  • Geo-Smart 20; Intelligent geometry with a cut of 20 panels. Better balance, better balance, maximum performance in all surfaces and climates.
  • DSA (Dynamic Shock Absorber); 4 internal layers of polycell that cushions the impact, with a special sealing treatment that minimizes moisture absorption.
  • DM-Flex technology; engraving of external material based on circles that distribute the force of the impact.
  • IEF (Intelligent Energy Flow); internal inflation chamber that distributes the energy flow avoiding deformation of the spherical.


For his part, Mauricio Pallares Coello, Marketing Director of BBVA Mexico, said: "For us to be the sponsor of the three most important football leagues in the country, it allows us to reach millions of people and we are proud that these tournaments are played with one of the most advanced balls in the market. Pallares added that for BBVA Mexico, this ball is presented at a key moment, where the sponsorship relationship of Liga BBVA MX Femenil begins, demonstrating the support of the institution to the talented players that will leave the name of our country very high "


Finally, Enrique Bonilla, Executive President of the LIGA MX, said:


"This ball will be essential for the show in the LEGA BBVA MX, its Basic Forces categories, in the ASCENSO BBVA MX and in the LEGA BBVA MX Femenil in the Apertura 2019 Tournament. Today, we thank VOIT for giving us another ball of the most high technology and quality, always being at the forefront and among the taste of the fans. Of course, we thank BBVA for receiving us at home for this presentation. "


LOXUS will begin shooting on the courts next Friday, July 12 in the LEGA BBVA MX Femenil, on Saturday the 13th in the Under 15 category, while on Friday the 19th it will premiere for U17 and U20, as well as for the Liga BBVA MX; for the BBVA MX Promotion will be until the first of August.

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